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EMF Consultations and Inspections

EMF Security offers comprehensive EMF consultations and inspections that provide you with a complete understanding of the EMF radiation that you are currently being exposed to in your home or office environment, and will leave you with a customized protection plan to reduce or eliminate your exposure risks.

An EMF consultation is not just an inspection; it’s an educational experience. You will not only learn where your current exposure is coming and how to protect yourself from it, from but how to avoid future exposure as well.

The consultation begins with a personalized presentation of the various forms of electromagnetic radiation, what they are, where they come from, and how we measure them. We provide an overview of current scientific research on the health effects of EMF exposure and compare current standards to those indicated by these studies. Particular attention is given to the likely sources and “hot spots” in your specific environment, and all of your concerns and questions will be addressed.

Before the actual inspection begins a survey is taken of your electrical habits. We review what electric and electronic equipment and devices you have in your home or office, and how and when you use them. Although, the consultation is done at a particular day and time, we try to evaluate how your exposure would vary at different times of the day and over the various seasons.

The inspection itself consists of a complete survey of your entire electromagnetic environment. Each room is completely scanned to determine the profile of the electric and magnetic fields, radio frequency radiation, and dirty electricity. Particular attention is focused in those areas where people, and especially children, spend most of their time. Specifically, this includes in and around beds, desks and other work areas, and around lounging and play spaces.

Measurements are compared against the highest possible standards, the evaluation guidelines set by the Institute of Building Biology + Ecology Neubeuern . These guidelines use the precautionary principle and are compiled by consulting scientific studies and other sources from around the world. They are updated regularly and are specifically designed for sleeping areas with an assessment of long-term risks.

Using these standards, areas of rooms and areas around electrical equipment, that exceed these standards, can be mapped out. It is prudent to avoid staying in such areas over extended periods of time, which can sometimes be accomplished by either a simple rearrangement of furniture, or by moving or removing the EMF source. In cases where avoidance is not feasible, various shielding or elimination solutions are discussed and evaluated.

Finally, a dirty electricity profile is made and an inventory taken of all its sources. The dirty electricity levels are brought under control with a combination of eliminating or simply unplugging some rarely used polluters, replacing large polluters with equivalent non-polluters (for example, replacing CFL bulbs), and installing Graham-Stetzer filters near the largest sources to clean up the power throughout the home or office.

After the inspection, a complete report is provided which includes the EMF maps of each room, and the complete list of recommendations for corrective actions. The EMF consultant remains on site until all levels and recommendations are well understood.

Our service does not end with our visit but may include a follow-up visit to help with corrections or simply check to make sure that corrective actions have the desired effect. In addition, you are more than welcome to contact us with additional questions and requests for supplemental information, and we always like to hear comments about our service and your satisfaction.

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