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Tom’s Story

EMF exposure has always been a concern for me and my wife, Julia.  We instinctively avoided using the back rooms of our apartment, where power lines passed only a few feet away, and later,   when we moved into our house, we also made sure that no bedrooms or play areas were near the corner where the electrical service entrance was located.   We avoid cell phone usage and have not given in to the pleas of our children to have their own.

Conducting my own investigations and research, I discovered the alarming growth of our everyday EMF exposure over the past 20 years.   Some recent studies indicate that we need to create new standards and tighten some existing ones, however, we are still years, if not decades away from this.   In the meantime, I can see that many people are exposing themselves and their family to potentially harmful EMF exposure that is easily reduced or eliminated.  However, since EMFs are invisible and cannot be felt, such exposure is often unknown and is therefore left uncorrected.

I therefore established EMF Security to provide the community with a better awareness and understanding of their personal EMF exposure and help them minimize and avoid it.  After all, why wait to be told that you should have protected yourself tomorrow, when you can easily protect yourself today!

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